Rob: totalmente romántico

Rob: totally romantic

Rob: totally romantic

“I believe in the idea of ​​saving yourself for love. I have a romantic soul there. I grew up with two older sisters and I have great respect for women. Sex and feelings go hand in hand with me “admits the vampire of the film Robert Pattinson in an interview. That’s a great statement from a star who can hardly save himself from fans: love is more important to him than a quick number.

The sweet actor may have already found his great love. When it comes to his girlfriend and Twilight colleague Kristen Stewart in “Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” he can’t get out of his delirium: “She changes completely”explains Pattz, “Not only does he look totally different, his character also takes a 180 degree turn. He looks better as a vampire than any of us put together. The look suits him ”.

We have to wait another 8 months until “Twilight Breaking Dawn – Until the End of the Night Part 1” finally premieres. The “Age of Twilight” ends with the last two films. A bad idea for Twilight fans, a relief for Robert Pattinson, then finally you won’t have to wear vampire contact lenses anymore and you won’t have to worry about the annoying insertion anymore: “It is very uncomfortable for me, even after so many years, it is still a process for me every morning. Everyone else figured out how to do it except me. There are always two people who hug me tight and help me because I can’t do it myself. “

Would you have thought that Rob was so romantic?