Robbie Williams se disculpa a su manera

Robbie Williams apologizes in his own way

According to the video of the delivery room

wantedon 11/27/2014 | 15:07

What Robbie Williams had in mind while filming his wife Ayda Field at the birth of their child and letting the entire internet community participate, only he knows Williams seems to have now realized that private should also remain private.

Robbie Williams is incorrigible

Childbirth is one of the most painful experiences a woman can have. What you want most in this situation, in addition to painkillers, is a partner who supports you and takes you by the hand. Ayda Field, Robbie Williams’ wife, must have dreamed of this too, but the animator had something else in mind: Robbie Williams had the birth of his son Charlton streamed live on the Internet.

It’s obvious that as a superstar, Robbie Williams is used to being followed by cameras day after day. But his wife now apparently also has to live with being under observation every step of the way, even during labor. Robbie Williams filmed his entire son’s birth and repeatedly posted short clips to “Twitter” and “Facebook” online. This campaign was not well received by everyone, apparently not even by your loved one.

Robbie Williams can do it another way

Robbie Williams shows insightLittle Charlton was born a month ago and has probably had his father’s ears ripped off a lot since then: On “Instagram” Robbie Williams posted a cute bib with an eloquent saying: “Mommy says when I was born my father was a much worse nuisance than me!” Ayda Field likely spoke of Tacheles here and outrage from her fans could have prompted Robbie Williams to apologize in this creative way.

Better late than never. Robbie Williams seems to have realized that a woman in labor is not particularly interested in being watched by the world. But just like Ayda, we can’t be mad at Robbie Williams for long and feel trapped seeing the bib and seeing a smile on our faces.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Andreas Rentz Image Source 2: Instagram / Robbie Williams