Robbie Williams ahora habla alemán

Robbie Williams now speaks German

Robbie Williams now speaks German

New advertising deal

wantedon December 26, 2014 | 17:26

Robbie Williams has achieved a special coup: the singer has recently become the new advertising face of Volkswagen! But that’s not all, because the singer of “Swing Both Ways” has not made it easy. Through his work on the short clip, Robbie Williams learned more German.

Upset by his life as a pop star, Robbie Williams initially retired to the United States, where his fame is not as notable as in Europe. And the 40-year-old has lived there with his wife Ayda Field for several years and has been busy raising a family ever since. But time and time again Robbie Williams is back in the spotlight.

Robbie Williams is now starting out as an auto expert too

Musically he’s gotten a bit quiet about the “Let Me Entertain You” artist, but don’t worry all you Robbie Williams fans: the former Take That star is finally back. This time, however, as the new advertising face of the automaker Volkswagen! With that, his big wish has finally come true, because, according to “OK” magazine, Robbie Williams had long cherished the dream of “having a real job for the first time in his life”.

Robbie Williams has a lovely accent

Robbie Williams doesn’t just appear in a short clip. The entertainer turns it into a show: For the latest Volkswagen promo video, the 40-year-old even went to the trouble of learning German. As his song “Candy” plays in the background of the commercial, Robbie Williams explains in charming but unfortunately somewhat difficult-to-understand German that he is the new marketing director whose job it is to present the latest car models at a press conference. But how did Robbie Williams come up with the idea of ​​joining Volkswagen in the first place? The singer really wanted to enter the fashion industry, but did not find himself skilled enough. But then the saving idea: “So I thought to myself, Germany has great cars.” The clip is always fun.

Robbie Williams is not a star like anyone else who advertises any product in a short snapshot and that is an ending. The entertainer clearly seems to have taken a liking to her advertising presence and has learned a new language from her, thus making her German fans even more excited! Image Source: Getty Images / Graham Denholm