Robbie Williams tuiteó desde la sala de partos

Robbie Williams tweeted from the delivery room

Robbie Williams tweeted from the delivery room


wantedon 10/27/2014 | 15:13

Your wife Ayda Field is in labor with baby number two, and what is Robbie Williams doing? Cheep! From the hospital, the proud father of two chirps the latest news about the birth of his son to the world almost every minute …

Robbie Williams is expecting baby # 2

Right in the middle instead of outside! Robbie Williams seems so excited about the upcoming birth of his son that he brings his 2.3 million Twitter followers to the delivery room.. At regular intervals, the rock star currently posts photos and videos of the hospital, where he and Ayda Field have been because labor began.

Robbie Williams opened the Twitter birth countdown with a click of the pelvic exam! But don’t worry, the picture shows how devoted he is Robbie Williams is the one who supports his wife Ayda Field 1000 percent during these difficult hours. As she lingers in the exam chair (note high heels), the “Let Me Entertain You” performer lovingly holds her leg and entertains her loved one as best he can.

Robbie Williams is a support for Ayda

Robbie Williams supports Ayda

Months ago, Robbie Williams had gossiped at a concert in Great Britain that offspring number two would be a boy. It cannot be long until the birth of the little earthly citizen. After all, Ayda Field is currently in the IVas the latest Twitter video on Robbie Williams’ account shows. But the model doesn’t seem to suffer too much from work so far. While indulging in a short dance interlude and turning her hips for her husband Robbie Williams, the pop star cheered on her love in a second video with the somewhat questionable rendition of his hit “Vertigo.” Is it really easier to bear a birth like this?

In any case, little Robbie Williams will be greeted with the soundtrack of his life when he sees the light for the first time. In any case, we have to commend the pop star and his model wife for their candor, not all celebrity couples would bring their fans to the delivery room. Now not only Robbie Williams and Ayda Field count the seconds until birth, but also the 2.3 million followers of the singer.

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