Robert Pattinson: Toda la información sobre la estrella de Crepúsculo

Robert Pattinson: All the information about the Twilight star

Robert Pattinson: All the information about the Twilight star

We noticed it for the first time Robert Pattinson in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in the role of Cedric Diggory. The hot Brit became a star overnight, however, like Edward Cullen in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Bite” book series. At first, Robert Pattinson couldn’t cope with the incredible overnight success – fame completely shattered Robert.

You can find photographs of Robert Pattinson at Mä in a fat one Star gallery!

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If you’ve clicked all the way, you’re perfectly prepared for our Robert Pattinson XXL quiz. Test how well you know him! By the way, now you can also test how well you fit in with Robert Pattinson.

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Since Twilight – Bite the Dawn, we can’t get enough of the cute and charming actor. Also in Robert Pattinson’s exclusive interview with Mä Edward’s actor was fun and laid back and gave you a super sweet hello message. Do you want to know more about the meeting with Robert Pattinson? See the background report for Mä Jana.

For the Twilight sequel “New Moon – Biss zur Mittagshunde”, Robert is already planned. Also included: Taylor Lautner like werewolf Jacob and of course Kristen Stewartlike Bella. Speaking of Kristen: She’s done being constantly confronted with rumors of love with Robert. The news that Robert and Kristen are a couple does not end there. It is said that they got into a fight at a concert recently and there were even engagement rumors. By the way, you can find photos of Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Co. in our great gallery – Twilight photos and even more new images in the big one.New Moon Image Gallery!

We think it’s a shame that the love between Robsten now seems to be over forever.

Here you can see the two of them at the beginning of their love and acting careers: Kristen and Robert in a double interview!

Not only can Robert Pattinson act, he can sing great too – he was part of the Twilight soundtrack “Never think” Y “Let me sign” two songs. In addition to filming New Moon, Robert Pattinson filmed “Remember Me”: photos of hot kisses were created with his colleague Emilie de Ravin.