Robert Pattinson: ¿necesita terapia?

Robert Pattinson: Do you need therapy?

Your biggest fear

wantedon 07/18/2014 | 15:25

In his new movie “The Rover”, Robert Pattinson plays a criminal who is mentally not up to par. The 28-year-old now took his role as an opportunity to speak about his personal psychological state. Robert Pattinson revealed that he wouldn’t mind undergoing therapy.

Casting is a must for actors to take on roles, so it is very inconvenient if you, as a Hollywood star, are afraid to audition in front of people. In an interview with “TV Movie” Robert Pattinson has now revealed that he is afraid of auditions. For this reason, he always resolves to “stop acting”. Therapy would certainly help with this phobia, but it’s too stupid – Robert Pattinson is scared of it too.

Robert Pattinson is afraid of auditions

“I would love to go to therapy. But I’m afraid of him “revealed Robert Pattinson in the same “TV Movie” interview. The actor doesn’t seem to have much of a therapeutic need either, because he actually likes the ups and downs of his life. Despite his fear of casting, Robert Pattinson continues to land new roles in which he can demonstrate his versatility. In his new movie “The Rover,” the 28-year-old plays a mentally unstable thief who has to fight his way through Australian wilderness.

Robert Pattinson fulfilled a dream

Despite his neuroses, Robert Pattinson seems to like his work as an actor. However, he still has a special wish for the future: “Now I have filmed with the likes of Werner Herzog and David Cronenberg. I dreamed of that when I was 16 years old. I try to face new challenges, and it would be great if people appreciated my work. “It’s great that Robert Pattinson admits that he would like to undergo therapy. However, just because you love the ups and downs in your life does not mean that you take your desire for therapeutic help seriously. If Robert Pattinson continues to land such good roles despite his fear of casting, then he has nothing to fear.

Image Source: Getty Images / Kevin Winter