Robert Pattinson: FKA Twigs odia su fama

Robert Pattinson: FKA Twigs hates his fame

Robert Pattinson: FKA Twigs hates his fame

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wantedon 05/17/2015 | 10:52

Millions of women around the world would love to trade places with her: FKA Twigs has captured “Twilight” hottie Robert Pattinson and is now heading to the port of marriage with him. But what may seem like an absolute dream to many, the singer finds it terrible. Is the hustle and bustle of the relationship too much for her now?

The world eagerly awaits the next step with Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. After the engagement in January, RPatz will soon be celebrating his bachelor party at the Glastonbury Festival. Every time you go public with his fiancee, you can see how happy Robert Pattinson is. But does his partner FKA Twigs feel the same?

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs at the Met Gala

With his role as the vampire Edward Cullen on the vampire series “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson became an overnight star and an absolute heartthrob. After the sadly ended relationship with fellow actress Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson now seems to have found the woman for life in FKA Twigs. But how does the British singer cope with her fiancé’s fame? It’s not particularly good, as the newcomer revealed in an interview with the “New York Times”: “It’s really difficult, I can’t even begin to explain how horrible it is. Sometimes that’s why you just want to throw everything away. And sometimes you want to bang your head against a mirror. “

Robert Pattinson: Do you have to worry about the relationship?

It seems like FKA Twigs is really struggling with all the hustle and bustle surrounding her and Robert Pattinson. Does the gallant have to fear now for their relationship? Apparently not, because with all the effort it takes to date a “Twilight” star, FKA Twigs seems to have hit hard too. “I hadn’t really seen my life go in this direction, but it’s worth it,” the singer sums up her relationship with Robert Pattinson and adds: “I’m so happy!”

We can only imagine how stressful it is to build a relationship in the middle of the spotlight. So we can well understand that FKA Twigs is not in the mood for all the hustle and bustle. Fortunately, Robert Pattinson is more important to her.

Image Source: Larry Busacca / Getty Images