Robert Pattinson: ¿de millonario a lavaplatos?

Robert Pattinson: from millionaire to dishwasher?

Robert Pattinson: from millionaire to dishwasher?

Back at the counter?

wantedon 09/15/2014 | 14:17

Those who fly high can also fall low! This saying does not seem to apply to Robert Pattinson. The “Remember Me” star could seriously imagine quitting acting and going back to being an ordinary waiter. How is it that Robert Pattinson suddenly reflects on this kind of outlier Hollywood Plan B?

Before his steep Hollywood career, Robert Pattinson was a blank slate in the great city of London. Through his role as “Edward Cullen,” the 28-year-old Briton became world famous in one fell swoop. Before his mega success, Robert Pattinson kept afloat with odd jobs. It is surprising that apparently it was not torture for the Hollywood star to go to work for much less money, as “ET Canada” now announced. Does “Remember Me” actor Robert Pattinson really want to churn cocktails again?

Robert Pattinson wouldn’t mind going back to the waitress

According to “ET Canada,” Robert Pattinson actually dreamed of being behind the counter while filming his new strip “Maps To The Stars.” In an interview with celebrity magazine, former vampire Robert Pattinson openly admitted that he was anything but negative about his life in the face of stardom: “I worked as a waiter for years. It’s my dream to be a waiter again ”. Robert Pattinson bluntly admitted that he was fired from his last job as a waiter, “Because I dropped a bottle of wine on someone’s head.” Would his former boss win back the current star with a kiss?

Robert Pattinson misses his old life

Robert Pattinson, at least, seems to be able to get along pretty well without his notoriety. For some time now, the 28-year-old Briton has often admitted that he finds it difficult to deal with the hype around him. Robert Pattinson even suffered from depression because his fame hit him significantly. “I couldn’t go where I wanted to go. He was in the gossip magazines every day and he didn’t have access to the roles he really wanted. I wanted more in each area, “he told Premiere magazine.” At the moment, it seems that the former vampire has separated from his star role and has become a real star. With her role in “Maps To The Stars”, the Hollywood beauty starts a series of new projects.

Robert Pattinson probably won’t have to rely on side activities to stay alive in the near future. It makes the handsome 28-year-old even more likable to know where he’s from and doesn’t forget his roots. We love seeing Robert Pattinson blink on the screen, but who wouldn’t want a shot from the heartthrob himself?

Image Source: Ian Gavan / Getty Images