Robert Pattinson: ¿De la funeraria al hombre de la viga?

Robert Pattinson: From the undertaker to the man on the beam?

Robert Pattinson: From the funeral home to the man on the beam?

Au revoir, sadness

wantedthe 01/09/2014 | 16:21

It seems that the sore Smurf Robert Pattinson has been walking a little happier through his life lately. At a wedding party, the “Twilight” star immediately caught the eye due to his unusual good humor. Did your colleague Dakota Fanning have something to do with the beaming Robert Pattinson?

You usually see the “Edward Cullen” actor Robert Pattinson in a rather bleak mood. Recently, the 28-year-old Hollywood star publicly declared that she would live in constant states of anxiety. After this weekend, however, it almost seems as if a dark chapter in the Londoner’s life has finally come to an end.

Robert Pattinson seems to have discovered the fun of life

At the wedding of British singer-songwriter Bobby Long, Robert Pattinson was barely recognizable: In a wedding photo that quickly spread on Twitter, the vampire actor can be seen as happy and radiant as rarely. The “Remember Me” star appeared in an elegant blue suit, properly pressed shirt and matching tie. Robert Pattinson not only made a good impression on the outside, but for once he also seemed to balance himself on the inside and just enjoy the evening.

Robert Pattinson: Is it finally blooming again?

Her “Twilight” colleague Dakota Fanning was also invited to the wedding and wore a seductive dress. Anyone who thinks of an unofficial cast reunion for “Twilight” is wrong: Kristen Stewart, also known as “Bella Swan” and Robert Pattinson’s part-time ex-girlfriend, wasn’t there. Could that be the reason for the radiant face of 28-year-old Robert Pattinson? When the vampire couple were still the dream couple, the young people used to attend concerts by musician Bobby Long together. That time has passed. But at least it seems like the British are good at getting back together. However, Robert Pattinson was not seen in closer contact with Dakota Fanning at the wedding, possibly due to the fact that the actress is still friends with Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, gets along with his beloved, male model Jamie Strachan. Recently, the two are said to have been in some New York bars with English actor Tom Sturridge.

Apparently, Robert Pattinson is getting better and better since he broke up with “Bella.” He goes out of himself and voluntarily attends meetings of people that he would otherwise prefer to avoid. No one would have expected that after the sad headlines about his state of mind. Perhaps Robert Pattinson is flourishing more and more? It would definitely be desired by him.

Image Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images