¿Robert Pattinson o Nicholas Hoult como Batman?  Las pruebas deciden [Update]

Robert Pattinson or Nicholas Hoult as Batman? The tests decide [Update]

We’ve already reported that Robert Pattinson is supposed to play Batman, and that Warner wants to make sure he’s the right one. Then there were tests with him and a competitor again …

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When will Robert Pattinson be announced as the new Batman? Or is “The Batman” deal broken at the last minute? “You have to make sure that the actor fits the role perfectly and that Christian Bale once played the role for a few years. So there is an extensive process consisting of test shoots, costume fittings, and lots of meetings. If Warner had the slightest doubt, the deal with Pattinson could still failWe wrote last in our message. And now these tests are being carried out, but also some with the second candidate, Nicholas Hoult, who has also been circulating for a long time.

Like Hollywood and DC insiders Umberto Gonzalez from the renowned industry magazine TheWrap in Twitter to be informed that is, test shots with Pattinson and “X-Men” star Hoult in Batman costume.. The decision on who the new Dark Knight will be should be made soon, according to González. production should start in the first quarter of 2020. And it won’t be long until then, especially since the actor still has to train vigorously to develop the necessary muscles.

Pattinson vs. Hoult

It is not yet clear if Hoult is the second option or really competes with Pattinson. According to information from Variety’s Justin KrollOne of the most trusted Hollywood insiders in our opinion, Pattinson is Warner’s best clear choice and director Matt Reeves, Hoult would only be the endorsement in case Pattinson just doesn’t look good in the Batman costume. TO Deadline Pattinson and Hoult are said to be candidates, however, but the “Twilight” star is a bit ahead.

In our opinion, the fact that both actors are asked to make test recordings makes it clear that Hoult is definitely a serious candidate and not just a solution B. The tests themselves will decide then, although some of the participants probably have a preference for Pattinson and hope that he has a better figure (he already has the most suitable chin).

TO UPDATE: Deadline now reports that there were meetings at Warner after the test recordings and it was finally decided that they wanted to sign Pattinson. He was always Matt Reeves’ favorite, but the studio really wanted to see both actors on camera in the role. Hoult also convinced, but Pattinson is now the right man. The details of the contract have yet to be clarified. too TheWrap reports that Pattinson is on board and even past the deadline – the deal is already closed.

Batman: full reboot instead of prequel?

In the last few days there have been rumors that “The Batman” will be a full reboot and not a prequel to the Ben Affleck version. Apparently, the creators plan to incorporate zero references to previous DC movies and thus completely rethink supporting roles like Butler Alfred or Police Chief Gordon. Stay open to let the new Batman (Pattinson or Hoult) interact with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman or Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman later without much explanation.

This rumor, however, comes from We got this coveredThey report mostly on CD tracks, but haven’t been particularly reliable in the recent past. Also, it’s not exactly new, so it’s not really surprising. If there were rumors early in the project’s development that Ben Affleck might appear in a narrative parenthesis that clearly classifies the film as a prequel, it has long been known that the star has nothing to do with her anymore. Furthermore, Warner and DC have long issued the stipulation, that individual filmmakers do not have to take the so-called DCEU into consideration, but simply have to tell their best story. It had been clear to us for a long time that Matt Reeves would make a movie of his own with “The Batman” for now, and if you want to combine it with other heroes later, do so.

“The Batman” will hit theaters in June 2021.

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