Robert: escena de sexo con un hombre

Robert: sex scene with a man

Robert: sex scene with a man

In “Twilight”, he is the handsome and strong vampire Edward Cullen, in “Small ashes” we will have to get used to another role: Robert Pattinson plays the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí in the film, and in many gay sex scenes to see. at GQ Interview is now talking about how difficult it was for him. “I had to do an extreme hardcore scene with Javier Beltrán who ended up having a nervous breakdown. And since we’re both straight, what we did was kind of ridiculous. The hardest part was that it was doggy style. ” Trying to act out a nervous breakdown while doing it doggy style. And the set wasn’t even cordoned off! There were those Spanish electricians everywhere, laughing in their own way.

How did you get the role? “I really wanted to go to Spain. But then it was quite exhausting! I’ve never had such a hard job ”, and add: “I thought they would never offer me a role again anyway, why not try something crazy? There were all these gay sex scenes and you know, I haven’t even had sex with a girl in my entire career. Scene “. Well we’re excited about that… A German start date for “Little Ashes” has yet to be set. But it cannot take long, the film will be released in Spain and England in April. Check out the trailer!

Sex in a movie is one thing: being real love life By the way, Robert has now complained to a friend that women are too shy to talk to him: “I’m just not going to get laid in New York”joked with a friend in a bar, reports the New York Daily News. That night, however, a dark lady is said to have flirted with him violently.

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