Robin Williams: su familia está peleando por la propiedad

Robin Williams: his family is fighting over the property

Robin Williams: his family is fighting over the property


wantedthe 02/03/2015 | 12:43

It’s been half a year since Robin Williams committed suicide. As if the actor’s death wasn’t tragic enough, the family is now fighting over his legacy.

The tragic event that shook the world occurred on August 11, 2014. Actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life, leaving sadness and bewilderment behind. It is understandable that the pain still runs deep within the animator’s family. Now their loved ones have to deal with another problem that could reopen their wounds: Robin Williams’ widow goes to court against her children.

Robin Williams: his widow Susan wants his memories back

As reported by Fox News, among other things, Susan Williams is said to feel she was treated unfairly. It is said that Robin Williams’ children allegedly simply stole some important mementos from the actor’s home in Tiburon. Now Susan Williams will apparently go to court to get the items back and possibly a lengthy legal battle will begin. “Any other interpretation would mean that Ms. Williams’ house would be disarmed while she still lives there,” defended her lawyer, the widow of Robin Williams. Robin Williams: You’re fighting for memories

The three children Zachary, Zelda and Cody are said to be disappointed and hurt because Susan Williams causes more suffering in addition to the loss of Robin Williams. “Williams’ children are dismayed that the plaintiff, who was Mr. Williams’s wife for less than three years, is now acting against his wishes.frustrating his carefully considered plans for his estate, “said Robin Williams’ children’s attorney.

It’s sad to see the death of a loved one tear apart a family. Robin Williams certainly wouldn’t have wanted Susan Williams and her stepchildren to go to court. Hopefully the litigation won’t last long and that everyone involved will find a satisfactory solution.Image Source: Photo by Theo Wargo / Getty Images