Robin Williams: Ahora habla su hija

Robin Williams: Now your daughter speaks

First tweet

wantedthe 02/09/2014 | 11:17

On August 11, Robin Williams was found dead in his California apartment and the world held its breath for a moment. About three weeks after the terrible news, her daughter Zelda spoke up on Twitter.

Following her father’s terrible suicide, Zelda Williams initially withdrew from the public. The grief over the sudden loss of his father Robin Williams was too deep. At the age of 25, Zelda lost her father too soon; It’s hard to imagine how that feels about Robin Williams’ daughter.

Zelda Williams Commemorates Her Father Robin Williams

But now Zelda Williams has taken on her courage and can be found on Twitter again. With a significant “thank you”, he informed his followers and his father’s fans and admirers.. In addition to her thanks, Robin Williams’ daughter posted a link pointing to her Tumblr page. There he posted a quote from Harvery Fierstein, 60, who worked alongside Robin Williams on “Mrs. Doubtfire ”. Robin Williams will not be forgotten

With her first post after the death of Robin Williams, Zelda Williams not only proves she is incredibly strong to take on the World Wide Web while still in mourning, she also commemorates her father by citing his co-stars Harvery Fierstein remembered him. “Never let yourself be forced to be still. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Do not accept anyone’s definition of your life, define yourself.“Robin Williams suffered from depression, alcohol addiction and, most recently, Parkinson’s disease for years. He ended his life when he was only 63 years old.

Despite the terrible loss of her father, Zelda Williams finds a new value that she wants to pass on to other people. After such a short time of mourning Robin Williams to return to the public, he deserves great respect and recognition.

Image source: gettyimages / Kevin Winter