Robin Williams se ofreció como voluntario para ser admitido en una clínica

Robin Williams volunteered for admission to a clinic

Alcohol problem?

wantedon 02/07/2014 | 14:12

Robin Williams is one of the biggest stars Hollywood has to offer – he’s been a fixture in the film and television industry for over 30 years. But his life also has its drawbacks. The 62-year-old Oscar winner is a dry alcoholic. For many years he has been fighting addiction. Now Robin Williams suddenly went to a clinic on a voluntary basis: has he been drinking again?

Robin Williams is known as a prankster and always in a good mood as a comedian. The 62-year-old actor always manages to make others laugh and is considered a really happy person. But what many people don’t know: Robin Williams has been an alcoholic for more than 40 years, according to “OK!” Magazine.

Robin Williams is battling his drinking problem again

The Oscar winner is said to have had his addiction under control in recent years, but in 2006 he relapsed. At that time he went to a rehabilitation clinic and received treatment. Since then, Robin Williams has been considered a dry alcoholic. But now the shock: The popular actor is back in treatment, according to “TMZ.” Did Robin Williams pick up the bottle again? According to “OK!” Magazine, this is just a precautionary measure. Its press officer announced: “After many projects, Robin just takes the opportunity to fine tune.”Robin Williams: relapses?

Robin Williams is reportedly being treated in Minnesota at the “Hazelden” facility and is supposed to remain there for a few weeks, according to “TMZ.” In the past, the actor did not hide his tendency to become addicted to alcohol. The “Crazy Ones” actor is said to have been averse to cocaine either. Robin Williams confessed to the magazine “Galore” that he was shooting the movie “Popeye” “Cooked to the point” to have. He also admitted to the “Guardian” that he did a lot of shameful things and, for example, insulted his fellow actors. From 1983 he was considered dry until addiction finally caught up with him again in 2006. But why did he start drinking? He told The Guardian: “It is literally scary. And you think, oh, that will make the fear bearable. But it’s not like that “. The precautionary measure is now aimed at preventing a relapse into addiction.

Robin Williams tries to control his big problem with alcohol and is treated in a clinic. It is good that you were so careful and did not let that give you an addiction flare. Hopefully the therapy will also be successful, so that Robin Williams can regain control of his life quickly. Image Source: Ben Gabbe / Getty Images