Inversión de roles en DSDS

Role reversal in DSDS

Role reversal in DSDS

Role reversal in DSDS

wantedon 03/17/2009 | 09:50

Annemarie really rocked the stage on Saturday! I liked!

Dear wanted girls,

First of all, I thank you for your comments. It’s good to read that you like my blog and I’m always interested in different opinions. If you have ideas and suggestions, or if you’ve always wanted to know something about DSDS, just ask; I will try to answer you.

Last week Anne-Marie did not do so well on my blog, but on the second theme show I really have to say that she was in her prime and to be honest I was quite impressed! This time she was simply sexy in her cowboy outfit. The song fit perfectly with her and her voice. Your presence on stage was great. She was full of energy, charisma and played very well on camera. Maybe I have judged her too badly and too fast… I can’t wait to see her next concert… will it be as good as that? Or were you just lucky because, with Kid Rock, you got a song that went perfectly with your voice?

Marc pulled the absolutely wrong batch in song selection: “I kissed a Katy Perry girl!”

Common!!!!!!!! How could they give you this song? It’s a terrible song to sing and I’m sure many other singers will agree with me. I hope next time they will let him sing songs like “If I ever fell in love again” with Shai! I have to be honest, Marc really screwed it up !! Just like I screwed up last year. I just hope this big mishap doesn’t haunt him for the next few weeks, like it did to me. If you keep thinking about how badly you sang the last time, then the fear arises that next time you will not play the notes again. When these thoughts and fears develop, it has a great impact on self-esteem. For me, all of this also had a negative effect on my voice. So you should never let them take away your positive attitude.

Holger definitely had a much worse day this Saturday!

Like Marc, he didn’t hit a note and was completely wrong rhythmically. His performance reminded me a lot of the time when I was working as an entertainer in Ibiza. You have to imagine the performances of the drunken English guests at the karaoke evening… I can hardly understand the criticism from the jury. Blame Holger’s absolutely poor performance on the “incident” with Anne-Marie. Okay, that wasn’t exactly fair what he said in the movie, but that doesn’t work on such a bad performance !? But slowly I’m starting to realize why: you are playing a simple media game! They want Holger to stay on the show because it’s so much fun to watch for a large portion of DSDS viewers. (I personally don’t like making fun of other people who are a bit special and different from the crowd.) Then, to make sure he stayed longer on the show, they came up with this “fun idea” to film him during his swimming lessons (with armbands!) And that’s exactly what people want to see. they will call especially for him … well and the account went well …

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Cornelia. In my opinion, it doesn’t fit this format either.

The jury also said some things that they really did not agree with. For example Benny. They were very negative, but I think he did a really good show! And you couldn’t say anything about her voice either! He sang much better than last time. And that DSDS is not a transsexual show, I found it impossible from Dieter Bohlen. But hey, I rarely agreed with his opinion, even when he was on DSDS.

And with Cornelia, the harp girl (yawn), they were too positive! Only Volker criticized her honestly, and he was rightly upset that Dieter and Nina rated her vocal performance little to nothing. I found this single search so incredibly embarrassing. That doesn’t really take place there. Well, that again matched the bracelets.

I’d like to end my blog on a positive note, so a few words about Dominik Büchele: I love it. What a great show!

I haven’t written about him yet because he’s a great consistent singer. Unfortunately, I suspect the world is not interested in a singer who sounds exactly like James Blunt. But I like Dominik’s voice a lot more than James Blunt’s. With James Blunt there is a certain sound in the voice that I personally don’t like and that just doesn’t sound delicious to my ears 🙂 And Dominik’s voice sounds fantastic. I wish I had gotten into the music business before James Blunt, then it wouldn’t have to be measured against him all the time. I am very happy to know that many people ignore this similarity and listen better and thus recognize the uniqueness in Dominik’s voice.

I wish you a good week!

Love peace

Your rania