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Rona Özkan actually leaves “GZSZ”

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It has been suspected for a few days, now it is certain: Rona Özkan alias Selma Özgül will leave the soap opera “GZSZ”. After Vincent Krüger, the fans are now facing another farewell.

The RTL station announced the departure of Rona Özkan’s “GZSZ” on Wednesday: “Last mouth today: the great actress Rona Özkan leaves on September 14th. like Selma Berlin & #GZSZ in #RTL! “It was a short interlude for the actress – she had only been part of the series the night before as Selma Özgül since September 2015.“ It was a very enjoyable, exciting and instructive year for me, ”quoted“ Bild ”Rona Özkan. On September 14, the 22-year-old will be seen for the last time in the series, with whom she will be sitting in front of the television, but she does not really know yet: “I still have myself with whom I will see this without even thinking. Definitely with family and friends, ”he told the tabloid.

Fans of “GZSZ” now feel the pain of parting ways. Some of them have already reacted to RTL’s post on Twitter and Rona Özkan’s departure is also a talking point on Facebook. Viewers mostly wonder why so many “GZSZS” actors are currently quitting their jobs. As it became known recently, Vincent Krüger, aka Vince Köpke, will also be leaving the soap opera after five years. “Oh man… It hurts so bad. The fresh wind is fine, but now everything is passing. Especially since I found his role really nice, ”writes one user.

See you again on “GZSZ”?

After all, “GZSZ” viewers can look forward to a comeback: Merlin Leonhardt returns to the neighborhood in the role of Bommel after his break. Meetings with former actors are not entirely out of the question.

It’s a shame that Rona Özkan is leaving “GZSZ”. What will your friend say about the Jonas series? Either way, we can certainly look forward to exciting developments at Daily Soap.

Image Source: Rolf Baumgartner / Getty Images