Rosa: vídeo grosero

Rosa: rude video

In the video of his song “F * ckin ‘perfect” have pink (31) adopted the theme of self-harm. She impressively shows the fate of a girl who starves and hurts herself. One scene shows the young woman carving the word “Perfect” on her arm with razor blades in the bathtub. Pink agrees that her video is pretty straightforward (including the loveless sex scene at the beginning of the video) and will cause controversy when it comes to the important issue of cracks.

In a message to his fans, he said: “I hope my last video bothers some people (…)

Self-harm and suicide issues are two symptoms of the same problem and are on the rise (underlying problem: alienation and depression; symptoms: self-harm and suicide).

(…) We can choose to ignore this issue and the video, but it doesn’t improve. I do not support suicide or self harm, nor do I want to encourage anyone to do so. I support children who are desperate, feeling numb and powerless. That they have the feeling of not being seen or heard and that they see no other way out “.

Pink also incorporated her pregnancy: “I have a life within me and I want him or her to know that I will welcome him or her with open and loving arms. And then I will prepare the little dwarf for a sometimes cruel world, but I also love this child ”. equip to see all the beauty of this world ”.

What do you think of Pink’s “F * ckin ‘Perfect” video?

The single will be released on 03/04/2011 and it’s in the album “Big hits … Until now !!!” (Already published) available.

Are you affected by or do you know someone who is affected by self-injurious behavior? Mä tells you where you can get help from Ritzen & SVV. You can read the moving interview with a victim here!

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