Cosa redonda: el extremadamente extraño teléfono Cyrcle

Round thing: the extremely strange Cyrcle phone

Round thing: the extremely strange Cyrcle phone

Smartphones are generally built in a rectangular shape, other attempts have so far failed. Or is the Cyrcle Phone the future of those mobile devices?

There were new smartphones at CES in Las Vegas, but they are not necessarily recognizable as such at first glance. The so-called Cyrcle Phone was shown at the sin city fair. Even if the circle is written in English Circle, the name already reveals the biggest specialty of the new Android smartphone. It is round. So it seems quite strange and unusual. The creators of the device name more or less good reasons for this Android smartphone.

“A non-rectangular telephone for non-rectangular people”

The Cyrcle phone is designed to break the habit. However, it also brings practical advantages, since according to the manufacturers it fits better in your pocket. It also has two jack connections. But why? Anyone who already uses round smartwatches should know that a round screen is more suitable to some extent for recording information. Also because basically all Internet services are intended for square devices, mostly optimized for vertical use.

Other advantages are said to be that a round shape fits better in the hand. Studies should be able to show that people prefer to see their photos and videos in round shapes. Last but not least, people generally enjoy round shapes rather than angular ones. Well, somehow the arguments make sense. Simply impractical in everyday life. The front camera position doesn’t look stupid either.