Rumor: más popular "los muertos vivientes"-Porque debería conseguir un papel en la MCU

Rumor: most popular "the Walking Dead"-Because I should get a role in the MCU

Rumor: most popular "the Walking Dead"-Because I should get a role in the MCU

He has already appeared in numerous series such as “Doctor Who” or “Britannia”, fans of “The Walking Dead” know him as the governor – in phase 4 of the MCU, David Morrissey could soon celebrate his breakthrough.

There are these actors from the show that everyone has seen at least briefly when zapping from station to station. These faces that you meet over and over again, even if you don’t know exactly where you know them from. The advance usually comes with an iconic role or with the jump to the cinema – David Morrissey already made the first as “The Governor” in “The Walking Dead”, the latter could soon follow with an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


David Morrissey as Governor on “The Walking Dead”

From “Walking Dead” villain to Marvel villain?

Morrissey was in seasons 3 and 4 of the long-running zombie series and quickly became a fan favorite as Philip “Governor” Blake and is still considered the series’ most popular villain despite Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan); consequently, of course, that Marvel is considering him for a similar role. While there are no further details on this yet, it is first necessary to clarify where this information comes from.

It’s the Twitter user Roger wardellwho started the rumors with a post. He reveals that Marvel is a huge fan of David Morrissey and would therefore consider him for various roles. But why should I give something to a statement from some unknown user on the network?

Now, Roger wardell it is more than any user that has ever run. Already in the past there was exclusive information on the Twitter channel, for example about “Avengers 4: Endgame”, which could not be found anywhere else and finally turned out to be true. So it’s no wonder that the account launched in December 2018 already has 21,600 followers (as of May 28, 2019).

If the rumor is true, it is still questionable for what roles Morrissey would be eligible. Because about the events after the next MCU movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and about the characters that await us in the phase 4 movies, there is no meaningful information so far that connects Morrissey to a specific role. would do.