Russell Brand comenta sobre el matrimonio de Katy Perry

Russell Brand comments on Katy Perry’s marriage

Russell Brand comments on Katy Perry's marriage

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wantedon 10/14/2014 | 11:47

In an interview he gave yesterday, Russell Brand recalled his marriage to Katy Perry. The musicians divorced after just 14 months, but Russell Brand only has fond memories of that time with Katy Perry.

Anyone visiting a talk show should expect private questions to be asked as well: especially if you have married one of the most successful singers in the world. This happened on Monday Russell Brand, who was a guest on the “Today Show.” In addition to promoting her book “Revolution,” Katy Perry’s meanwhile divorced marriage was also on moderator Matt Lauer’s show. But what details could you get from Russell Brand?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell Brand and Katy Perry got married in October 2010. They married their families and friends in India. The raucous couple were considered a new TI couple, but the divorce came just 14 months later. Russell Brand never commented negatively on the relationship with the priest’s daughter, but specific information about the marriage has been kept hidden from the public. Now Matt Lauer took the opportunity to speak with Russell Brand about the now broken relationship.

Russell Brand loved being married to Perry

Russell Brand also didn’t say a bad word about his relationship with Katy Perry on the talk show. The Brit even said very clearly that he loved being married to the singer and that she was really cool. While such an opinion is unusual for the American celebrity divorce market, it also shows that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were possibly very happy, at least for a time.

Russell Brand is known for rare films and appearances, and you wouldn’t expect him to show deep feelings in public. But that’s exactly what he’s done now, even though the relationship didn’t last. With all the rose wars of the divorced stars, this is a wonderfully refreshing statement!Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson