Ryan Gosling pone fin a su embargo de Twitter

Ryan Gosling ends his Twitter embargo

Ryan Gosling ends his Twitter embargo

Return of Twitter

wantedthe 02/05/2015 | 11:00

For two years, fans and followers of Ryan Gosling have been waiting in vain for a new tweet from the 34-year-old. Now that the Hollywood hottie has finally ended his silence on social media… What does Ryan Golsing have to say to his fans?

In the last two years, not a little has happened in Ryan Gosling’s life: among other things, the former “Sexiest Man Alive” has become the father of little Esmeralda Amada. But despite – or precisely because of it? – this turbulent phase, Ryan Gosling never saw any reason to “screech” his fans.

Ryan Gosling screeches again

Ryan Gosling’s Twitter account has been silent for the past 720 days. But yesterday, the 34-year-old suddenly broke his silence to promote his new movie “Lost River.” Not only does Ryan Gosling’s partner Eva Mendes play a leading role, but the blonde heartthrob was a first-time producer as well.

Ryan Gosling: Will you be regularly on Twitter in the future?

With the humorous message “Without tweeting for a long timeRyan Gosling briefed his fans after a two-year absence, adding: “Let’s see if this still works. Check out the trailer for our movie ‘Lost River’!And apparently his Twitter account still works very well even after two years of inactivity. More than 400,000 movie fans followed Ryan Gosling’s request and watched the trailer for “Lost River” on YouTube.. It remains questionable whether the 34-year-old will now be regularly on Twitter. After all, Ryan Gosling prefers to keep his private life with Eva Mendes and her daughter Esmeralda Amada private. And probably no social media platform in the world will change that …

At least in his role as a film producer, Ryan Gosling is using his social media channel again. We will probably have to be content with that for better or for worse. But the main thing is that we have a little Ryan Gosling!

Image source: gettyimages / Alberto E. Rodríguez