Ryan Gosling: ¿se retira de Hollywood?

Ryan Gosling: retiring from Hollywood?

For the family

wantedthe 23/10/2014 | 16:45

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are now experiencing firsthand that the birth of a child can really ruin your life. After all, it’s not only harder to reconcile career and family on the dating calendar. The paparazzi crowd also besieged the couple to take their first photo of little Esmeralda. For this reason, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes now want to pull the string.

It’s been about a month since Ryan Gosling and his partner Eva Mendes were able to welcome their little daughter into the world. Since then, the priorities of the Hollywood dream couple have changed enormously. Even moving out of Hollywood is worth more than consideration for Eva Mendes to guarantee Esmeralda a happy childhood. “She’s sick of all the fame and she can’t think of anything worse than raising a child in Los Angeles. It is difficult for her to hide while the attention is so great, which is why she became a sinister prey. Ryan supports them and they talk about moving to a ranch in Utah or Ojai ”, a supposed source told the American magazine“ OK! ”On Ryan Gosling and his girlfriend’s plans.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes: Are they drifting away from Hollywood?

Despite all of these issues, Ryan Gosling is still very happy about joining the family. For this reason, the heartthrob could well imagine moving forward with family planning, even if Eva Mendes is currently not very excited about it. “Eva is quite exhausted and just rolled her eyes. But Ryan is delighted to be a father now and can’t believe how beautiful his little girl is. So he said it would be a crime not to have more children, “said the insider about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ plans.

Ryan Gosling: Are you giving up your career?

An imminent wedding of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes should slowly but surely be within our grasp. “You are incredibly happy and want to get married as soon as she’s ready,” revealed the source. However, with so much family happiness, some fans have a worry line on their foreheads. Will Eva Mendes and her beautiful future husband be leaving their Hollywood careers soon? At least in the case of Ryan Gosling, this doesn’t seem like a problem at first: if you believe the “Hollywood Reporter,” the 33-year-old should be in conversation for the movie “Doctor Strange.”

So soon after the birth of little Esmeralda, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling should be able to enjoy family happiness. The two of them are definitely not going to completely disappear from the scene in the end. Somehow you have to pay for all the diapers …

Image Source: © Getty Images / Sonia Recchia