Ryan Reynolds ama cada minuto de sueño

Ryan Reynolds loves every minute of sleep

Ryan Reynolds loves every minute of sleep

So tired

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With a baby in the house, the world of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively was turned upside down. Now superstars have the same concerns as any other parent in the world. Now Ryan Reynolds gave his fans a little glimpse into his new life …

Changing diapers, preparing food, feeding bottles, and working night shifts – This is normal everyday life for new parents and now Ryan Reynolds too. A month ago, his wife Blake Lively gave birth to their first child, who has since brought a breath of fresh air into the lavish lives of actors. Now Ryan Reynolds speaks for the first time about his little daughter and also about what renewal he is struggling with the most.

Ryan Reynolds talks about his life as a father

“You don’t sleep much,” Ryan Reynolds reports “Extra,” and thus fits in the ranks of all other tired parents. “I don’t sleep much. That’s great. It is wonderful. But my mind is elsewhere, “joked the star in an interview with” USA Today “and makes it clear that it has become a real luxury to disappear into the land of dreams for a few hours without being disturbed. Ryan Reynolds has rarely expected as much sleep as during this time, he adds in the interview. It almost seems like the 38-year-old is a bit overwhelmed with his new role as father! But that’s not the case, because he would do anything for his little daughter.

Ryan Reynolds is always in a good mood

Little sleep, stress, and a whole new life can affect your mood, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t let it spoil his. The former Womanizer praises “Extra” and shows that he’s actually really enjoying his new job as a dad: “It’s just great. It’s weird that you wake up 45 times in the middle of the night and still be in a good mood. I don’t know and that’s why I enjoy it “, sums up Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively also seems to have identified well with her role as mother: “She is very motherly to her. Even when we are on set. She will be a great mother, I have no doubt, “said colleague Jessica Szohr of” Us Weekly. ” Well, everything looks very promising!

The first few months with a young baby are undoubtedly the hardest, but also the most beautiful! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem to be getting used to their new life well and mastering the double burden of work and child with great success. Now we can only keep our fingers crossed that Ryan Reynolds can sleep until his good mood doesn’t wear off anytime soon.

Image Source: Getty Images / Carlos Alvarez