Acción triste

Sad action

Sad action

The homosexual lifestyle should not be discussed at school.n, so the petition, because gay teens are more susceptible to drugs and alcohol, have a higher rate of HIV (a study from the Robert Koch Institute was used as a reference, although the footnotes were probably not exactly read ) and had a pronounced risk of mental illness. It is also claimed that the suicide rate for homosexuals is significantly higher than that of heterosexuals. Of course, that has nothing to do with discrimination, according to the petition.

The request is “Against openness and tolerance” Education Minister Andreas Stoch said. Especially in the choice of words, attractiveness strongly recalls them. far-right or fundamentalist side and many of the terms were active Nazi vocabulary at a time when homosexuals had a pink star sewn into their prison clothing. The initiator of the petition, a Nagold high school teacher, now has a criminal complaint around his neck, a complaint from the supervisory authority, and the case may also lead to disciplinary proceedings.

How important it is to talk to students about equality and openness is clear from the statistics from the GEW teachers union: Two-thirds of students in Baden-Württemberg reject homosexuality. Therefore, there is clearly a need for clarification and more openness.

What do you think about the subject?

By the way, there is already a counter-petition to: “No educational plan 2015 under the ideology of the rainbow”. Here you can support and sign:

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