Triste: es por eso que a Kylie Jenner le inyectaron los labios

Sad: that’s why Kylie Jenner got her lips injected

Sad: that's why Kylie Jenner got her lips injected

“It was an insecurity of mine all my life”, Kylie Jenner now told Complex magazine. It all started in high school. “This boy I kissed told me: Your lips are very thin, but you are a good kisser. I didn’t think you could kiss that well. ‘”she remembers. “It was so cruel. From then on, I always thought that guys were just looking at my lips. I thought nobody wanted to kiss me. “

Hopefully Kylie can instill a lot of confidence in her newborn daughter.

“I thought nobody wanted to kiss me”

Since she was only 16 years old, Kylie thought she shouldn’t tell the audience that her lips were splattered. “I wasn’t even 17”, she says. “What if I was honest and said, ‘Oh yeah, I did my lips’? What would all the mothers have thought of me? Those kids, my fans, they think I’m crazy. He didn’t want to be a bad influence. I didn’t want people to think that you had to splash your lips with you. feel good. But people thought it was crazier to lie about it because it was so obvious. I wish today had been honest and open from the beginning. “