Los pantalones cortos seguros están diseñados para proteger contra la violación.

Safe shorts are designed to protect against rape.

Safe shorts are designed to protect against rape.

“Safe Shorts are the first pants that can protect you from sexual assault and rape.” A slogan that makes you stop for a moment. How is that possible? Our first thought was this: a chastity belt. But the fact that women voluntarily put on a kind of lockable belt is not as absurd as was initially thought. Only it’s not a heavy load that comes to mind in this context, but light, flexible pants.

The idea for Safe Shorts comes from Sandra Seilz from Oberhausen. Even while running, she was nearly the victim of rape by three drunken men. His only salvation: the dog of a passerby who was there at the time. From that moment on, she wanted some protection to protect her from such an attack. And it’s not just Sandra Seilz who wants this security. The subject of “rape” has been a constant companion of women for many centuries. Reason enough for Seilz to take away our fear of this helplessness.

Safe Shorts: this is how it works

Anti-rape pants are made of a special material that cannot be cut with your fingers or a knife. The high-tech cut and tear resistant drawstrings at the waist are arranged in such a way that the pants cannot be pulled down. The respective ends are coupled to a 140 decibel alarm, which is intended to deter the attacker and make him flee. The straps are also secured with a padlock for additional protection. A crotch guard also provides additional protection. The Safe Shorts are available in two different versions: as half-length leggings (149 euros) and as a shorter slip version (89 euros).