Seguridad para niñas

Safety for girls

Safety for girls

How should I deal with pepper spray and what should I do if I feel watched, followed, or even harassed?

Does carrying a pepper spray make sense or should it be avoided? If so, what are the good alternatives?We generally advise against the use of pepper spray because there are some legal issues and it is actually only approved for animal defense. If necessary, of course, you can defend yourself with it, but it is not easy to use and can always be used against you. We prefer to recommend the so-called “shrill alarm”, which makes a very loud noise and therefore scares the attacker away. Otherwise, you can always use everything you have with you, the keys in your fist or your bag.

Many counselors claim that if you are persecuted, you should not go home because then the persecutor will know where you live. Is this also recommended for children and adolescents who still live with their parents?Usually no one chases you for targeting you, just an easy target. So you can go home, although, of course, the feeling of insecurity remains. But if you are still further away then it is better to go to a shop or a pub, even if you would not go there otherwise there will be someone to help you.

Even if they only stare at you on the train, that’s pretty scary, should you take action against him or just walk away?First of all, you need to sit strategically well. With the bus closer to the driver or with a group of friendly people. Sometimes it’s even better to stop and stand next to an emergency call switch, because you can use it to quickly call for help, for others too.

Is acting confidently also one of the good defense techniques?I agree. Appearance is very important. If you make yourself small and sit in a corner, it is much easier to attack you than if you confidently sit up straight and look at your fellow travelers.

How do you capture the attention of passengers when they bully you on the train or bus and you need help?You should definitely see the person who is bothering you, otherwise passengers will get the impression that it is a private problem that you should not get involved in. Otherwise, it is always helpful to address people directly. Otherwise, nobody feels responsible. “You, with the blue jacket, please call the police” also helps in the sense that you give him a task immediately and thus facilitate the action of others.

Do you feel persecuted on the street or harassed on public transport? In the gallery we tell you how you can behave better and protect yourself from attacks!

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