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Samsung brings Galaxy A51 and A71 with 5G

Samsung announces that the Android smartphones Galaxy A71 and A51 will soon launch with 5G radio. The A51 benefits from further enhancements.

Samsung has been offering its new Galaxy A51 and A71 A-smartphones in Germany for a few weeks, but not all possible variants. As announced in a press release, these two Android smartphones are also hitting the markets with 5G as an additional option. Of course, the prices are a bit higher then, but Samsung had not yet released details.

The Galaxy A71 5G doesn’t seem to have any other technical innovations, but the Galaxy A51 5G gets at least 6 instead of 4 GB of RAM and the battery grows from 4000 to 4500 mAh. Whether you need 5G or not, these improvements are interesting in themselves. It is not known if the variants with 8 GB of RAM will be offered in Germany.

5G smartphones partly with improvements

After the presentation, Samsung usually brings its devices to international markets in a few weeks. Therefore, the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G are expected to launch in German retail in the first half of the year.