Samsung se enfrenta a los fabricantes chinos y da en el blanco

Samsung faces Chinese manufacturers and hits the mark

Image source: GIGA

In the past, Samsung liked to poke fun at other manufacturers or point out their weaknesses. In a new announcement, it is not Apple that is hitting, but the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Samsung makes a tempting offer for its customers.

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Samsung attracts Huawei customers

Huawei is fighting the US ban and losing many customers in Europe because new smartphones are no longer equipped with Google services and applications. It is precisely this weakness that Samsung wants to take advantage of and it is attracting the owners of these phones from China with an offer. In the UK, Samsung asks Huawei customers how they can switch to a new phone without losing their Google apps. Exactly, they should buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and even get money from Samsung for their old Huawei cell phone.

Samsung of course knows that many Huawei users are looking for a new Android phone and are not sure if they should stick with Huawei. The company takes advantage of this uncertainty and offers Huawei customers a good deal. Samsung is likely to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Huawei’s weakness. Smartphones are getting cheaper and better. But manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus should also benefit from Huawei’s troubles and increase their sales figures. So it is logical that Samsung takes advantage of the situation.

This new Samsung phone convinces:

What’s next for Huawei?

The situation becomes increasingly difficult for Huawei. The strict US ban hits the Chinese company hard, so it will soon have trouble building enough smartphones. The upgrade policy for mobile phones that have already been sold suffers from this as well. Indeed, Huawei should have introduced a new processor and the Mate 40 Pro by this time of year. Both are delayed and it is unclear when the presentation will take place. GIGA keeps you updated.