Serie Samsung Galaxy S11 con una duración de batería significativamente mejor

Samsung Galaxy S11 series with significantly better battery life

Samsung Galaxy S11 series with significantly better battery life

Samsung has given the entire S11 series much larger batteries, so you can expect significantly better battery runtimes.

Samsung can no longer keep all the details about the upcoming Galaxy S11 series to itself, the battery capacities of the three devices should already be known today. In recent weeks it became clear that Samsung could make much larger batteries than the S10 series. Now the confirmation, if not directly from Samsung, but from other very reliable sources. Since the installed modules have to be certified, they reveal their capacity there.

Galaxy S11, S11e and S11 +: Samsung has significantly increased batteries

Hold on tight, the S11 series promises much better battery life. Precisely because the capacities of the batteries are increasing and, in addition, the hardware, especially the newly renovated processor, becomes more efficient. Win-win, at least for buyers of the new Android smartphones.

  • Galaxy S11e: 3,800-3,900 mAh (EB-BG980ABY)
  • Galaxy S11: 4500 mAh (EB-BG985ABY)
  • Galaxy S11 +: 5,000 mAh (EB-BG988ABY)

There is 800 mAh more in the Galaxy S11e, 1100 mAh in the central Galaxy S11 and another 900 mAh in the successor to the Galaxy S10 +. For the competition, this means that improvement is absolutely necessary. This is a remarkable and surprising announcement from Samsung. Until now, Huawei has always been able to boast of large batteries. The question arises as to why manufacturers like Google recently failed.