Samsung Galaxy S11: la nueva cámara debería tener una resolución nueve veces mayor que la cámara S10

Samsung Galaxy S11: the new camera should have a resolution nine times higher than the S10 camera

Samsung Galaxy S11: the new camera should have a resolution nine times higher than the S10 camera

There are more and more reports and indications that Samsung has given the Galax S11 a considerable and at the same time surprising camera upgrade.

Putting all the above reports together, the Samsung Galaxy S11 should definitely have a camera with more than 12 MP. Otherwise, the 8K videos that have been talked about in recent days would not be possible. Also, another source has come to light that Samsung is the second manufacturer after Xiaomi who wants to use a main camera with a whopping 108 MP.

Samsung goes from 12 to 108 MP

Logically, Samsung developed a camera of this type together with Xiaomi. Such a jump is not so clear, because Samsung, Apple, Google and company had recently held back with such camera sensors. Huawei relies on 40 MP, but it rarely hangs up. Samsung is now switching to 108 MP, according to sources from the renowned Bloomberg.

The main camera is enlarged with three sensors. On the one hand, zoom, 5x optical. Also included is the ultra wide angle camera that is already common today. Last but not least, the ToF sensor, which detects distances and is useful for portraits, for example. We should be able to look forward to such a setup for the next Galaxy Fold, which is scheduled for February and March.

108 MP bring challenges

A high resolution not only brings advantages automatically. Samsung has to incorporate a very large image sensor; otherwise the individual pixels will be too small and not very receptive to light. If you believe in the DXOMARK, Xiaomi has done quite well with the Mi Note 10. Samsung will surely want to try again to offer the best camera for smartphones.

As with the competition, pixel melting should occur. 4 by 1 or even 9 by 1, to finally get a photo resolution of 12 MP. I’m not excited, but at least I’m very excited.