El software de Samsung revela nuevas funciones de la cámara del Galaxy S11 / S20

Samsung Galaxy S11 +: this is what the camera settings look like

Samsung software reveals new Galaxy S11 / S20 camera features

Two months before the presentation, it should already be known what exactly the new camera settings of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + should look like.

According to various reports, Samsung is planning a very extensive update for the main camera for the next generation of Galaxy S smartphones. Not only did the technology behind the camera lenses develop in the background for a long time. Samsung’s hardware designers also had several tasks on the table. The look of the back is brand new, the camera location will be different after a few years. From the center to the rear, the camera setup lands on the side edge. Viewed from behind on the left.

Galaxy S11 + camera setup less clutter than expected

After the first images of the new Galaxy S11 + were already available, which, however, had weaknesses in the details, Onleaks now probably shows us the real camera settings. Now the individual camera sensors are no longer mixed. Instead, three sensors are aligned to the left. On the right is a fourth camera and the LED flash.

“Here’s an updated render based on the last prototype I received, which I think is the final setup.”

Samsung relies on a 108 MP main camera. There is also a zoom, an ultra wide angle and a depth sensor (ToF). Not all confirmed yet, but there are already numerous consistent reports on these innovations.

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