Samsung: pantalla del Galaxy S20 de fábrica en el quemador trasero, acero para el modelo Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20: another source confirms ultra-fast displays

Samsung: factory Galaxy S20 screen on the back burner, steel for the Ultra model

Samsung is installing faster AMOLED displays on its new Galaxy S20 smartphones that have a higher refresh rate.

Samsung will show its new Galaxy S20 series in a month and interesting details will be known in advance. Expected changes include faster screens. Now another source wants to be able to confirm that Samsung really relies on a higher refresh rate. In the past, 60Hz panels were always common, but you can do much better. The latest trend started with gaming smartphones, but all manufacturers will soon offer at least 90Hz on high-end smartphones.

Fast smartphone displays: Samsung relies on 120Hz

Samsung doesn’t want to do things by halves first. Instead of relying on the already really good 90 Hz, a new AMOLED display with up to 120 Hz is used in the S20 series. Sammobile wants to be able to confirm today that the new S20 series smartphones definitely contain displays with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. For the user, this mainly means significantly and really smoother software viewing.

This topic is not entirely new to Samsung, as some manufacturers are already buying faster Samsung displays. Users can optionally switch to 60Hz, which probably requires a bit less power. It remains to be seen if there are any noticeable differences in everyday life in terms of battery life.