Samsung Galaxy S20: ¿revolución de la cámara en un solo modelo?

Samsung Galaxy S20: camera revolution in a single model?

Samsung Galaxy S20: camera revolution in a single model?

Samsung plans to revolutionize the cameras of its own smartphones, but the new 108 MP sensor will not be found on all models.

Samsung will rely on a new type of camera sensor with 108 MP resolution in its new Galaxy S20 series. Not only will the number of pixels be nine times higher than in recent years, other components of camera technology will also be different or new. One can almost speak of a camera revolution after many years with the same 12 MP main camera. But now it seems more and more that Samsung is installing its new 108 MP in a single variant.

In the last few days we have already learned that there should also be a Galaxy S20 and a Galaxy S20 +. However, the actual top model is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. For the first time in the history of this series of smartphones. A bold name, because customer expectations are automatically high. As one of the insiders says, the new 108 MP camera only comes on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S20: Samsung improves all cameras

Now this new knowledge doesn’t have to cause a bad mood. Samsung is also said to have returned to 12 MP for the Galaxy S20 and S20 +, but has integrated an improved camera sensor. There should be larger individual pixels, which are then 1.8 rather than 1.4 microns in size. First of all, this should improve the absorption of light. But we also expect further improvements and visible progress.

There is already a first Android smartphone with a 108 MP camera. Xiaomi is working with Samsung to develop these camera sensors. But the component of the S20 Ultra should be different from that of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.