Samsung Galaxy S20: ¿pantalla rápida para todos los modelos?

Samsung Galaxy S20: fast screen for all models?

Samsung should also give the new Galaxy S20 smartphones new OLED displays that have a high refresh rate. Does this apply to all models?

There could hardly be any improvements and innovations, that was the impression of the new flagship smartphones in recent years. This is not the case with the Galaxy S20 (S11), which will supposedly be renewed by Samsung. A month before the market launch there are some very interesting leaks on the features of the new high-end mobile phones. In recent weeks, the camera has always been an important and often discussed topic, because at least the Galaxy S20 + or the Ultra model should get a rather cheeky pixel update.

Samsung Galaxy S20: more pixels, faster refresh rate

But not only the camera should be significantly improved, the display will also receive innovations. Of course, we are assuming general optimizations, such as more brightness and more power efficiency. However, for a few months it has been said that the update frequency will increase significantly. From the previous high of 60Hz, not only does it go up to 90Hz, but according to known experts to a whopping 120Hz. This results in a much smoother image for users, especially with animations and transitions.

The good news today? One insider says that the 120Hz display should be available on all S20 models. So in the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. Quite similar to the Google Pixel 4 (XL) and the younger OnePlus 7T series. In any case, it would be a nice thing. If you don’t want to go 120 Hz, you can certainly switch to the classic 60 Hz and thus reduce power consumption a bit. Personally, however, I would not want to do without 90 or 120 Hz.

It’s not just Samsung planning such an update this year. We expect at least 90 Hz in Huawei’s P40 series and the first leaks reveal 120 Hz for the new Xiaomi smartphones. The trend towards faster screens started with the first gaming smartphones in recent history. If the games are adjusted accordingly, the screen seems much faster and smoother to the user. A currently rare plus, soon to be a standard for high-end smartphones.

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