Samsung Galaxy S7: ahora probablemente no haya más actualizaciones

Samsung Galaxy S7: Now there are probably no more updates

Samsung Galaxy S7: Now there are probably no more updates

Samsung has been updating the Galaxy S7 for four years, for some time only with security updates. Now that seems to be over.

Samsung has kept the S7 series of its Galaxy smartphones with updates for over four years and the end of support was slowly foreseeable. Now it seems that this end has been reached, at least the manufacturer’s special page reveals. As is well known, it lists which devices are updated on a monthly basis and which on a quarterly basis. From both lists, only the Galaxy S7 Active can be found as a spare, the two older models Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can no longer be found there.

Samsung is discontinuing support for the Galaxy S7

Now there are no more updates, that’s what this list means at first glance. Removing these lists really just means that Samsung no longer guarantees regular updates. However, Samsung is no longer expected to deliver again, unless there are really drastic security holes or other bugs.

Keeping up with security issues for at least four years is fine. It would be better to have a duty towards manufacturers that Google imposes at the same time as the certification. But we’ve been waiting for it for years.

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