Samsung va a confiar en un nuevo procesador de gama alta en el Note 20, del que no tenemos nada

Samsung: Galaxy smartphones should be shipped to China

Samsung is going to rely on a new high-end processor in the Note 20, of which we have nothing

Samsung smartphones communicate with Chinese servers to optimize device data storage. Of course, that raises questions.

Scandal, in the restricted area. Or just a gentle breeze? Current Samsung smartphone users have found that a pre-installed application communicates with Chinese servers. What is meant is the “Device Care” application that connects to the Qihoo360. This is a Chinese company in the field of computer security. Some say it is a spyware company. Recently, however, Qihoo360 was positively noticed, a serious security hole was discovered in the Firefox browser. Still, Qihoo360 does not have an impeccable reputation, Golem writes.

In any case, one user noted that the Samsung app occasionally communicates with the Qihoo360 servers. Of course, the alarm bells go off immediately. Samsung, however, calms the mind and explains the facts. Samsung only sends generic information to the Qihoo360, the goal of which is to optimize memory. Phone model, operating system version, storage capacity. It shouldn’t be more. Nothing about stored files or even usage analysis.

Galaxy smartphones: communications with China are said to be harmless

“Samsung takes the protection of our users’ data very seriously and we design our products with data protection and security at the highest level”a company representative told The Verge. “The storage optimization process, including junk file scanning and removal, is fully managed by Samsung’s device care solution.”

Do we have to believe that? But there are good reasons why an end to bloatware is called for on Android smartphones. Samsung could certainly also design a purely local solution so that its own Galaxy smartphones no longer communicate with any servers. OR?

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