Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fails in iFixit – that’s the questionable reason

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can hardly be repaired. That’s the amazing result from the iFixit repair experts. In a detailed teardown, they show where the reasons for harsh judgment lie. They rate the Galaxy Z Flip with only 2 out of 10 points for repair. That is a miserable figure.

Galaxy Z Flip hardly repairable

First, the positive news about the repairability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: the entire folding phone can be completely disassembled with standard screwdrivers. At least the parts that are held together by screws. According to repairmen, many components are modular. This means that they can be separated from each other by connectors and can be exchanged individually.

However, the bad news clearly predominates. Experts criticize the use of the adhesive on the Galaxy Z Flip. In the case of glass panels, it is a great barrier to repairs, despite the fact that the cell phone does not have a high-level IP certification. In addition, the cable runs and the battery installation are criticized. It is unnecessarily complicated to replace the power source.

This reason is questionable

However, the third reason for the devastating judgment must be treated with caution. The site criticizes the components around the hinge for folding the Galaxy Z Flip. They are supposed to wear out and require replacement. Samsung dares to flip a rope.

Because you put your finger in a wound that is due to design. A hinge is simply necessary in a folding mobile phone and mechanically moving parts are always exposed to a certain amount of wear. So if you want to have the extravagance of folding, you have to be prepared for the fact that mobile phones are mechanically a little more vulnerable again. Therefore, the “when” is the correct criterion and not the “if”. Because no mechanical part lasts forever. How long it has to last is another matter and largely depends on the planned lifespan.