Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: which SIM card do you need?


With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung wants to achieve a rebirth of flip phones. If you plan to get the foldable smartphone, you might be wondering which SIM card is inserted in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip works like the new flagship series of the Samsung Galaxy S20 with a nano SIM card. It is the smallest of the card sizes available.

The right SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

With a new mobile phone contract with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, you don’t have to worry about the correct SIM card. Here you can get the accessories you need directly. Only when you buy a used cell phone or want to use the device with a SIM-only rate, should you have the correct card ready. If this is not the case, we will show you elsewhere how to cut a map that is too large.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S20 and its sister models, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip does not allow you to insert two SIM cards. There is only one axis. You don’t have to do without dual SIM features. The folding smartphone has an eSIM. For this, however, you need a corresponding fee.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Dual SIM with eSIM

If you use the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in parallel with eSIM and Nano-SIM, you can, for example, be contacted with your work and private number on the device. Alternatively, you can use the second SIM for a pure data rate to increase the volume of mobile data.

Apart from the lack of a slot, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip also has to take a back seat to new premium flagships in terms of network technology. The foldable smartphone supports GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. However, it must do without support for the still young 5G mobile communications standard.

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