Samsung Pay debería tener su propia tarjeta de plástico

Samsung Leaks: Bigger Tablets, Galaxy Fold 2 Price, and Galaxy A71 5G Pictures

Samsung Pay should have its own plastic card

Samsung is planning several new devices for this year, which is not surprising. Including a new Galaxy Fold and larger flagship tablets.

Samsung wants to launch more flagship tablets in the future, but is installing significantly larger displays. In any case, it claims a Sammobile leak. They even know that the panel sizes are pretty accurate. Two devices are working, one has a 12.4 ″ screen and the other is at least a little smaller with 11 ″. Android tablets are expected only once with WiFi and optionally also with LTE. So 5G can also be integrated into the most expensive devices, which is to be expected in any case. For comparison: Apple installs a 12.9 ″ screen on the iPad Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: entry should be cheaper

Samsung is also working on new folding smartphones, including the successor to the first Galaxy Fold. So it is again a smartphone that can be unfolded on a table. In terms of price, you want to be cheaper than last year. The basic version should offer 256GB of storage, which means that the price is lower. A second variant is again 512GB.

Again there will be an outer screen with more than 4 ″, the largest interior screen is more than 7 ″. Samsung seems to have learned from last year and is taking the lag from the first model. So the second Galaxy Fold seems to be heading straight for the second half of the year.

What is a folding smartphone?

Foldable is establishing itself as the name of a new generation of smartphones that have foldable or foldable OLED displays. They are the modern reincarnation of classic clamshell phones.

Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with 5G

The Galaxy A71 has been around for a long time, and now a 5G variant is on the way too. Now there are three new images from Pricebaba showing us the Galaxy A71 5G. Not only are the colors offered different, the pattern on the back has also been slightly changed. Otherwise, there are no visible differences to the simple Galaxy A71.