Samsung fabrica chips para teléfonos Google, ¿pero no procesadores?

Samsung makes chips for Google phones, but not processors?

Samsung makes chips for Google phones, but not processors?

Google is said to have started production of new chips at Samsung. Exynos processors for Google smartphones are not yet available.

A while back there were reports of increased collaboration between Google and Samsung. It was said that Samsung processors could soon be found in Google smartphones. Those would be the not quite indisputable Exynos processors that we find in Samsung’s European smartphones. These are generally worse than Qualcomm’s comparable chips, so Google’s decision would be an impairment for future pixels.

Google orders chips from Samsung

Now it is said from South Korea that Google has ordered the first chips from Samsung. However, they are probably not Exynos processors yet. Google has asked for a semiconductor that “will be integrated into a sensor to measure body movements.” From a current point of view, it seems unclear if it was really Google’s plan to have custom Exynos processors made by Samsung for its own smartphones.

Exynos for Pixel, that could take a long time

But if Google wanted to have processors from Samsung and still adapt them, it could of course involve a much longer development process. So the Exynos issue on pixel smartphones is not out of the question in my opinion. This year, Qualcomm’s latest SoCs are definitely still in all the new Pixel smartphones, and the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 with Snapdragon 765 will arrive in the fall.

Very few details about the current order

The order volume of the current order is unknown. It’s also unclear what Google plans to do with the chips that have been ordered and where they will be installed soon. In my opinion, it fits both smartphones and wearables. Maybe Google is expanding the theme of fitness on its Android mobile devices or will it one day come with its own smartwatch with Wear OS?

via ETNews, Sammobile