Samsung Screenshot mit 1 1 Nachricht

Samsung Message 1 1: What’s behind the Find my Phone message?

Push messages are not a secret to most smartphone users, let alone a cause for concern. But this caused confused faces and some overreactions around the world.

Users report that they turned off their Samsung Galaxy smartphone after receiving the message and changed the passwords. But the immediately reassuring news: the Find my Phone push message with the 1 1 content is not a cyber attack, not a failed third-party location or spying operation, but simply a failed test by Samsung developers.

Samsung 1 1: Find my phone with strange message

Manufacturers like Samsung often use push notifications to announce new updates, indicate background activities, or display incoming messages. But this time something went completely wrong.

According to reports from social media, the misdirected push notification cannot be located. Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets of all kinds have been affected. There was an initial statement on the topic of “Samsung 1 1” on the Samsung support forum from an employee, who referred to a future official statement.

The statement leaves questions unanswered

At least that was later introduced by Samsung UK. In the morning we read on Twitter that he would like to apologize. A notification about “Find my Phone 1” was sent to a “limited number of Galaxy devices”. The reason was an internal test.

Samsung left open which internal tests required a connection to millions of smartphones and which criteria the selection followed. However, there is no impact on users’ devices, promises Samsung in the tweet.