Samsung: los nuevos envases de televisores se pueden convertir en casas para gatos

Samsung: new TV packaging can be turned into cat houses

Samsung: new TV packaging can be turned into cat houses

Samsung offers a new type of packaging for its lifestyle TVs that can be folded into small furniture if desired.

Samsung came up with a fun idea for its new televisions. You can not only dispose of the packaging from the new TVs, but also reuse it in a different way for your own home. Samsung Lifestyle TVs (Serif, Frame, Sero) come with new eco-friendly packaging that can be folded into different things. For example, a cat house or a side table for the TV receiver.

A matrix design made of dots is included in the cardboard to facilitate the folding of the cardboard. Of course, Samsung also includes the relevant instructions. If the customer tries hard, this type of reuse can be really helpful and also seem kind of sensible.

The only thing that is really disgusting is the well-placed branding of the respective TV. I still dare to doubt if he would like to have something like that on his own four walls. But maybe in the hobby room?

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