Los teléfonos inteligentes Samsung más antiguos esperan nuevas actualizaciones de funciones

Samsung: Photos Show Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Frameless TV

Older Samsung smartphones await new feature updates

In the coming days, Samsung will not only show Lite models for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series of smartphones, but also an 8K TV without a screen border.

Samsung is expected to introduce some new hardware in the coming days, including the new Lite models for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galax S10 series. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite in particular deserves a lot of attention, as it brings the advantages of the Note to a somewhat cheaper price range. An S Pen is also included, the rest of the hardware at the level of the current premium middle class. And to the delight of many, the AMOLED screen is flat and therefore does not curve towards the long sides towards the back. I myself am more of a fanatic and I do not like edge screens.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: photos confirm leaks

The new Android smartphone can be presented at CES in the second week of January. Therefore, we look forward to the market launch early in the new year, even before the S11 / S20 series starts. A few days ago there were already more details about the features of the new smartphone through Winfuture. € 700 is not to be paid!

Frameless 8K QLED TV

Samsung had also announced a TV without a frame or screen border in the run-up to the show. The leaks should show the strong 8K model today. 4K movies were able to find two images that are already showing the TV today. Stand once, as well as wall mounted. In any case, it looks strong, but it should cost a lot. In any case, the following images look promising to us: