Deberíamos esperarlo: Samsung está planeando un modelo Galaxy S20 más barato

Samsung ruins the screen: update ruins the Galaxy S20 Ultra

We should expect it: Samsung is planning a cheaper Galaxy S20 model

Samsung has probably delivered a software bug causing a green “miracle” on some of the current Galaxy S20 smartphones.

On the Samsung forum and elsewhere, owners of the most expensive Samsung smartphone today are complaining about a faulty update. This new software ensures that the screen suddenly turns completely green. This error only appeared after a recently released update, so it doesn’t really appear to be an issue with the installed hardware. Unfortunately, the error only occurs with devices that have the Exynos chip. As is the case here in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Utra shows unsightly hulk effect

According to colleagues at Sammobile, this error does not always occur, but it can be reproduced. “Basically this color shows up when the brightness is low and the screen in an app drops to 60 Hz.” Because some apps don’t even support 120Hz, they are now often displayed in green.

Some users are sure that the April security update should be responsible. But that assumption is difficult to substantiate. If the error can be displayed, a device could certainly be replaced.

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