Debería esperar eso: precios para el Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung: That’s probably the entire Galaxy S20 series.

You should expect that: pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung is optionally adding 5G to all the new top smartphones, but that’s not the only innovation for the new generation Galaxy S20.

Samsung is planning some changes to its own Galaxy S smartphones again last year, we have reported this abundantly in recent weeks as well. Basically, there is a new name and a new structure for the models on offer. Once again. Samsung brings a bit of confusion, but most customers will hardly notice. Informed sources want to be able to report today what the complete series of Galaxy S20 smartphones is like.

Galaxy S20: Samsung cancels e, relies on Ultra

Of course we are all ears. Basically, Samsung is changing from the previous year that the smaller entry-level model no longer has an additional name. A scaled down Lite version is certainly conceivable later on, but that could take a while. If we translate from 2019 to 2020, the Galaxy S10e will become the Galaxy S20. The intermediate variant is the Galaxy S20 + and the full high-end package is only available with the new Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Look here, this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 + (pictures)

Galaxy S20: Samsung makes 5G an option for everyone

At the same time, there is still a separation between 4G and 5G. If you don’t want to use the latest mobile radio technology yet, you can use the familiar standard package for all variants. Unlike the previous year, there is also an optional 5G variant of each S20 series smartphone. So we can get the simple Galaxy S20 with 5G on demand as well. I also hope that the 5G variants have more RAM, maybe even more data storage.

Cables run in advance. There are numerous leaks about new smartphones, Samsung can hardly keep anything a secret until February 11. There are no surprises, but everyone talks about new devices long before they are introduced.