Novedades de Samsung: nuevo Galaxy Fold con cristal, tablet con 5G

Samsung wants to sell the next foldable for a triple-digit price

News from Samsung: new Galaxy Fold with glass, tablet with 5G

Samsung is planning more folding smartphones, a new model could already cost only triple digits.

The first generation of foldable smartphones is hardly affordable and therefore it is likely to be very little publicized, but the four-digit price cap could already be lifted next year. As reported today from Korea, the next Galaxy Fold will cost less than € 900. More than a month ago, Samsung showed what a second or third Galaxy Fold might look like. Vertical instead of horizontal, hello Moto.

In fact, Samsung’s next foldable is supposed to definitely fold vertically. Instead of combining tablet and smartphone, Samsung will offer an Android smartphone that can be folded into a compact format. Motorola is competing for its Razr. A successor to the Galaxy Fold could still arrive, but the price will certainly stay in the four-digit range.

Vertical folding in the video

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