El próximo teléfono inteligente superior de Samsung se puede ver en las primeras fotos

Samsung’s next top smartphone can be seen in the first photos

Samsung's next top smartphone can be seen in the first photos

Two months before the presentation, new Samsung smartphones appear in the wild. There are first photos of the Galaxy S11.

In perhaps two and a half months, Samsung will present its new Galaxy S11 series, the middle model should now be seen in the photos for the first time. In particular, the back of the new devices reveals that this is the next generation of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung is heavily redesigning the camera area; the middle-centered position of the back in recent years will soon be a thing of the past.

Samsung Galaxy S11: the prototype may have been photographed for the first time

Samsung is based on Apple and Google and packages the camera in a large black square. However, in a rectangle, not in a square. It’s not really the best quality, but we will most likely see one of Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. Because the A and S series designs are very similar, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Galaxy S11. I think I can see at least 3 cameras and the LED flash.