Samuel Koch ha dejado a su novia

Samuel Koch has left his girlfriend

Samuel Koch has left his girlfriend

Separation for love

wantedon 08/29/2011 | 18:28

Former stunt double Samuel Koch will have to suffer the consequences of his accident for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to do this.

Samuel Koch broke up with his girlfriend

It was a terrible accident in which former stuntman Samuel Koch had an accident on a “Wetten dass ..?” Samuel Koch, 23, fell while jumping on a car and has been paralyzed ever since. Although he is making great strides during his treatment at a paraplegic center in Switzerland, Samuel Koch knows that he will never lead a completely normal life again.

Samuel Koch separated from his girlfriend for love

For the last few months, Samuel Koch has been accompanied and supported by his girlfriend, but now he has separated from her. The reason is heartbreaking, because as he told “BUNTE” to understand, he will always need help. Samuel Koch did not want to expose his girlfriend to such a difficult life and that is why he separated from her.

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