Sandra Bullock gana más

Sandra Bullock earns more

Sandra Bullock earns more

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A lot of money came with the Oscar. Sandra Bullock is currently the highest-paid woman in Hollywood, relegating some of the other top stars to the back seats.

Sandra Bullock hasn’t always experienced glamorous highlights in her career, But currently he surpasses all his colleagues. After receiving the Oscar that year, the highest award you can receive as an actor, Sandra Bullock has now entered the top earners in the industry.

Sandra Bullock wins the most

For “Gravity” he received a fee of 20 million US dollars (the equivalent of about 15 million euros). All in all The 50-year-old made about $ 51 million between June 2013 and June 2014. (about 38 million euros) and currently leads the “Forbes” list.Sandra Bullock at the Hollywood Olympics

Once a year, the American business magazine compiles a top-earning list, with Sandra Bullock at the helm for the first time. Gone are the days when the mother of a child received the infamous “Golden Raspberry” for her alleged misinterpretations. With the Oscar and many other awards she received for her outstanding portrayal of the astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone she received in the space drama “Gravity,” Sandra Bullock had a huge success – And in Hollywood that goes hand in hand with the corresponding billionaire salaries.. Second and third place went to Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston with $ 34 million and $ 31 million in earnings.

Sandra Bullock has been through some ups and downs in her career. With 50 years he has reached the top! We are happy for the nice actress with German roots and we look forward to many more movies with the talented actress!Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images